Publishing Pro

A creative catalog manager created by Music Publishers for Music Publishers.

Publishing Pro is a cloud based catalog management software that allows publishers and writers to access their catalog and listen and pitch their audio from anywhere! 

Once a song is entered in to Publishing Pro, the life of the song begins.

The song’s audio, lyrics, and publishing information stays organized and easily accessible. “Pitch” songs directly from your branded audio player, and keep track of the song’s pitches as well as cuts, holds and syncs.

Publisher Pro has several log in levels that allow a user to gain access to the song’s audio and song information.  Audio Player View, Writer View and Admin View help make the life of a publisher and songwriter easier by allowing access to those who need the information. 

Publisher Pro is computer, tablet and mobile friendly!

Check out more of what Publishing Pro can do: 

Catalog Page
  • Access song info, audio and lyrics anywhere

  • Print song reports from the catalog

  • Add and edit audio

  • Quick view of writers, co-writers, date of creation, demo type, lyric, audio etc

  • Search and sort features

  • Print and export song lists to Excel

Admin Page
  • Writer and co-writers information - copyright information, administrator Information, publisher splits

  • Audio, Lyrics, Schedule A, Copyright Assignments, etc...

  • Holds, cuts and sync information

  • Print capability

Player Page
  • Play your uploaded, cloud based audio from your computer or mobile device
  • Easy search features by song, songwriter, dates etc   
  • Create, save and pitch playlists

Pitch a Song
  • Pitch songs directly from Publishing Pro 
  • Pitch individual songs or playlist
  • Songs are sent via email with personal message
  • Recipients have option to listen and download audio and lyric of songs
Pitch Log
  • Add pitches and record hold/copy/pass information

  • Automatically adds pitches when pitched from the pitch player

  • Add notes

  • Search and sort features
  • Know when pitch emails sent through Publisher Pro have been opened or unopened by the recipient 
Holds, Cuts, & Syncs
  • Track holds
  • Track cuts
  • Track syncs
  • Search and sort features
Writer View
  • Writer can log in with their own log in creditials
  • Writer can see their song catalog (audio only)
  • Writer can search, listen, download audio and lyrics
  • Writer can Pitch their song catalog from the program
Writer Song Submission to Publisher
  • Writer can Submit songs to Publisher
  • Publisher receives submissions from writer and can edit and approve the song before adding to catalog
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